Bobbins – shuttle & tension

If you’ve twiddle all the relevant dials, changed your thread, changed your needle and still your machine stitches or tension is loopy or tight or just not looking ‘right’.  Then the next step is check your bobbin… Is the bobbin … Read More

Machine Misbehaving?

If you’ve got a problem with your sewing machine such as skipping stitches and dodgy tension, the solution could be as simple as changing the needle. Your sewing machine is an amazing piece of carefully engineered wonderfulness – a slightly … Read More

Marking Things

Tailor’s chalk is still my preferred option for most fabrics as it removes with a light brushing. It now comes in a variety of colours and forms, square, triangular, small rectangles and clutch-type pencils. There is a special chalk for … Read More

Tools of the Trade – Measuring

Of all the sewing tools the tape measure is an essential for every dressmaker but please don’t use the old fabric one you found in you’re granny’s sewing basket – it’s probably stretched! A plastic one is just fine and … Read More

Tools of the trade – Scissors

A really, really essential piece of dressmaking kit are good scissors. Treat yourself and keep them well hidden from everyone else in the house!  You will need a pair for cutting fabric (shears) and ONLY use them for fabric, they … Read More

Which Pins?

Which pins are the ‘right’ ones? There are all sorts of different pins out there, all made for a different craft but for dressmaking I love to use fine long pins, good quality ones should slide in and out of … Read More

Which Thread?

Why is the thread you use important and which to choose? Basically you get what you pay for. Check thread by running it between your pinched finger-tips it may feel slightly lumpy or look fluffy. If you buy a cheap … Read More