Cut Lengths (multiples of 50cms)

‘Boucle’ Rust coloured fabric


Boucle rust coloured fabric

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A rich, rusty brown fabric of mixed fibres.

A very loose, slightly open, soft weave with a Boucle-look*

The fabric is just over 2mtrs in length and 1.59 wide.


Suitable for: skirt, coat or jacket

Weight:  light/medium

Washing/Care: due to its mixed fibre content I would recommend washing a small piece to test for shrinkage

Making Up Tips:  due to is very loose weave I would recommend lining any garment to prevent sagging or seating in skirts.


Note: *Boucle is a yarn is made from a length of loops of similar size which can range from tiny circlets to large curls. … Bouclé is also the name of the fabric made from this type of yarn, especially fabric that maintains the looped appearance.