How to Guides

There are eight different ‘How To’ guides available to download.  They’ll take you from the first stage of buying a pattern, right through to cutting out and marking up your fabric. They contain lots of hints and tips to aid you in a successful outcome to your project.

You can purchase the guides by clicking on the “Add To Basket”  button below each image or, click on the image to find out more about the content of each guide.


Guide No. 1 – Buying A Pattern

Getting the most for your money, vintage, second-hand or new? and deciphering the sizing

Guide No. 2 – Reading the Envelope

Clarifying the design, fabric quantities and terminology

Guide No. 3 – The Pattern Pieces

Sorting the relevant pieces, checking the measurements, cutting the pieces and adaptions

Guide No. 4 – Getting a Better Fit

Measuring up, assessing body shape and sizes against the pattern, checking and changing the pattern

Guide No. 5 – Choosing & Preparing Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for the style, checking and preparing your fabric before cutting

Guide No. 6 – Laying Out Your Pattern

Understanding lay diagrams, terminology and tricky fabrics, planning the layout and pinning

Guide No. 7 – Essential Equipment & Cutting Technique

Guidance on essential and useful equipment.  Tips on cutting out successfully

Guide No. 8 – Construction Markings

Identifying and transferring symbols and markings to aid in putting your garment together


How to Guides

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