grey scissors at The Sewing RoomCome and learn to sew. At The Sewing Room I run classes for all sewing abilities. If you already have sewing experience it may be you just need a bit of specialist guidance on a specific topic.

For experienced dressmakers I also offer a personal fitting service.  As every dressmaker knows, it’s almost impossible to fit a garment on yourself properly.  It’s vital you have someone with fitting experience to put the pins in the right place and then help you transfer the adjustments back to your pattern. Call me to book and appointment or if there’s a topic you’d particularly like some help with, drop me a line.

All my classes and workshops can be ‘run to order’ with a minimum of three people if it’s a group or if: “…you don’t play nicely in groups…” as one of my students put it, it’s possible to book a one hour lesson of guidance through a tricky bit or perhaps you’d prefer a series of one-to-one lessons.  Most variations are possible, get in touch and let me know what you’d like to learn or want some help with.