Welcome to The Sewing Room

 and my made-to-measure collection of classic wardrobe essentials

with a hint of vintage 

Inspired by the styles of the 40’s, 50’s and 60's, with their elegance and femininity, each of  these garment designs have their origins in a vintage pattern. I've modified the styles to ensure each of them sits comfortably in a modern wardrobe.

With these garment designs I bring together my love of fabulous fabrics with years of dressmaking and design experience, to make sure the designs work for the myriad figure shapes out there. 

Fabulous fit is the key 

Over the years I've learnt that the key to looking good is a fabulous fit that's easy to wear. The aim should be to put your clothes on and forget about them.  This means they fit well and you’re comfortable and confident in them.  With off-the-shelf garments it’s amazing anything ever fits us; there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ size.

Made to order - uniquely yours

At 'The Sewing Room' I hand-make each garment to order. For each piece I carefully chose a combination of vintage and contemporary fabrics that compliment each other and, of course, the client. 

I finish each unique piece to a high standard and with fabulous linings, vintage buttons or trimmings (where appropriate), the client can be assured that no two garments are ever the same.

If you like the first designs in this collection (there will be more to follow so keep in touch) please choose a design and get in touch to discuss the process of having a garment made exclusively for you.


made to order  

exclusively yours

Interested in learning to sew?

I run a variety of sewing classes and workshops for all abilities in my studio at The Fold, Bransford

Bespoke Teaching

Lessons for individuals or small groups tailored to your needs

  • One-to-one: learn just what you need
  • Groups: learn with friends (3-6 people) 
  • Personal fitting: get help to fit your garments

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One-off Gallery

The combination of fabrics, linings and trimmings makes each of these experimental garments and accessories the only one of their kind.

For a full description of  each press here